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CHIP resin folding and stacking chairs (AKA White Wedding Folding Chairs)

***CHIP folding and stacking chairs***
***10 lbs. including padded seat.
***Most similar to wood shape
***Available in White, Black, Forest Green and Light Brown & Redwood color
***Made in the USA

Our chairs are folding, stacking (horizontally and vertically), and come equipped with an interlocking feature that makes moving and storing them quite simple. They are strong, durable, weatherproof, UV protected, don't need painting and require very little maintenance.

Bi-component resin made with gas assist technology, means that they are built with two materials that have different properties working as one: extreme UV protection and strength.

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Chip folding chairs

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Chip R folding chairs

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Chair Pallets & Dollies

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Chair Trucks & Covers

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The LOAD rests on the two bars supporting the seat, NOT on the screws as on similar chairs.

Static vertical weight testing FEDERAL SPECIFICATION AA-C-291F



The material used at Drake is a composite multi-layer techno-polymer which allows the manufacturing of the strongest and lightest (10lbs, only) special event resin chairs on the market.
CHIP chairs are manufactured with a TWO COMPONENT RESIN (CO-INJECTION) plus GAS system - the highest standards in plastic manufacturing.

The result is an outer, smooth all weather resistant aesthetic skin, and an inner expanded closed cell modified resin with high mechanical resistance that behaves like a bone and gives exceptional strength to the chair.



Chip chairs are strong, no doubt, they are indeed performing better than chairs with metallic reinforcement both in static weight tests and dynamic weight tests (=Chair Drop Functional Load – A 300 lb weight is positioned 6” above the seat of the chair and allowed to free-fall onto the center of the seat).
We took the best chair with metallic reinforcement from the competition, and here are the testing results:

STATIC/vertical static load testings:
• Chip chairs average load before failure: 2200 lbs.
• Competitor’s best chairs chairs average load before failure: 1500 lbs.

DYNAMIC/with a 300lbs. weight drop @ 6" above center seat:
• 100% Chip chairs remain intact
• 60% of the Competitor’s best chairs fail (the seat breaks)



Chair dimensions when folded:
17 3/8” x 35” x 2 1/3” [inches]
45 x 89 x 6 [cm]

net weight:
10 pounds including padded seat.

STACK OF 25 CHAIRS: h=58.5”
STACK OF 50 CHAIRS: h=117”



Our Chip chairs, come in a box of 5.

Box Weight: [52 lb.] [23.5kg]

Box Dim.:
18” x 36” x 12.5” [inches]
46 x 91.5 x 32 [cm]




Samples come in a box of 1ea.:
18"x42"x3" at 11 pounds



We suggest water and mild soap to clean up dust and common everyday dirt.

When “hard to clean” marks are found on the WHITE chairs (only on white chairs!), SOFT SCRUB or an equivalent product will work just fine.

Steam cleaning could be performed from time to time and only when really needed. The operating 212°F-230°F temperature range is considered safe.

And....yes, Drake resin folding chairs can be washed in automatic chair washing machines.

ATTENTION before using any kind of cleaner, make sure that it is is not going to affect the materials of the chair, particularly the vinyl of the seat pad . Try the cleaner on a small area and make sure no visible damages appear for at least 5-7 days before using the cleaner consistently.
In any case the vinyl (PVC) of the seat should not be treated with acids, solvents, sodium hydroxide (caustic soda NaOH), sodium hypochlorite NaClO (liquid bleach).



Our chairs have been designed to be easily folded, stacked and moved in stacks.

A chair pallet protecting the first chair of the stack is a must.
At Drake, we supply chair dollies that roll on casters and chair pallets that can be used with hand truck for deliveries, or with pallet-jacks for warehouse moving of multiple stacks at a time.

We also suggest strapping and covering the stacks, to protect chairs during transportation.

We supply 2 different chair stack covers, which are strong, protective, and easy to use for every chair move (both to and from the customer or simply warehousing). One is water resistant, the other is not.

We do supply plastic bag rolls that cover the entire stack as well as boxes, as an economy packaging/warehousing system.

NOTICE: DO NOT USE COTTON COVERS WITH RESIN CHAIRS, as the static electricity produced by the two materials combined, attracts dust and dirt.



Buying our products means never having to paint a chair again. Because the colors of our products run all the way through them they will never need painting. The only ordinary maintenance required is cleaning.

Inspect and check the integrity of each chair every time before deploying it, making sure all bolts and parts are firmly tightened.

If any parts are missing, damaged, or worn, stop using the chair.

This chair is designed for seating one person at a time and for sitting only.
Do not stand on the chair.
Do not use it as a step ladder.

In the event of damages from extremely rough handling or improper use, do not attempt to glue broken parts back together.

**Call us for spare parts**

We'll be there to assist you in the best way we can.


Extra folding chair pads

The 1/4" flexible padded resin seat is more comfortable than the wood seat. It snaps in and snaps out in a flash without any tools or screws:
- do not warp with humidity
- more comfortable because of the flexibility of the material they are made of.
Available in white or black (as a standard, custom colors available upon request, subject to min. order)

Extra folding chair pads

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Folding Chair Resin Seat Inserts

A comfortable alternative to the padded seats. Good look, very low maintenance, Drake did it again, coming up with an alternative to PVC upholstered seats.
• no modification to the chair necessary, pop out the old seat and snap in one of these colored seats
. Available in white, black, blue, green, red... you name it.

• change the seat to match the event theme

• special contoured shape for superior comfort

• can be left out in any weather condition without becoming soggy like the vinyl covered foam pads

Folding Chair Resin Seat Inserts

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DR chair pallet for FOLDING chairs AND OR CHIAVARI CHAIRS

One chair pallet fits up to 30 regular folding chairs. Secure the chairs to the pallet with straps before moving, making sure the strap works with the interlocking system of the chair.

The same pallet fits also 2 stacks of 5 CHIAVARI chairs. As always, secure the chairs to the pallet with straps before moving.

material: thermoformed HDPE 0.220” thick sheet

capacity: 330 lb. distributed load
internal: 17.75” x 35.5”
external: 18.25” x 36”
straps: external

pallet feet: yes (built in)
long side clearance: 28” (pallet jacks)
short side clearance: chair trucks
casters: none

to be used with CHAIR TRUCKS or PALLET JACKS

DR chair pallet for FOLDING chairs AND OR CHIAVARI CHAIRS

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RG chair tray, pallet & dolly for FOLDING chairs

Chair tray, basic configuration:
material: PP structural foam
capacity: 330 lb. distributed load
internal: 18” x 35”
external: 18.5” x 35.5”
straps: 1.25”
to be used with HAND TRUCKS


Chair pallet configuration:
tray + 4 pallet feet
long side clearance: 27.25” (pallet jacks)
short side clearance: 10.25”
to be used with PALLET JACKS

Chair cart configuration:
tray + 2 casters 2.5” swivel + 2 pallet feet + lift jack

Chair dolly configuration
tray + 4 casters 2.5” swivel

RG chair tray, pallet & dolly for FOLDING chairs

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Stack Cover for regular Folding Chair HQ

Nylon, with inner PVC coat.
Heavy duty water resistant chair stack cover, for transportation and storage.
Taylored for a 25 folding chair stack.
Lateral slit with Velcro eases up positioning of the cover on the stack.
Dim. 17 1/2” x 35” x 58” high

Stack Cover for regular Folding Chair HQ

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Stack Cover for regular Folding Chair ECONOMY

Non-woven polyester material.
Breathable fabric.
52” lateral slit with Velcro eases up positioning of the cover on the stack and a Velcro buckle for extra security.

Bottom edge is hemmed for durability.

Dim. 18” x 35 1/2” x 58” high

Stack Cover for regular Folding Chair ECONOMY

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Chair truck, HEAVY DUTY, 4 wheels

Strong sturdy, a major help in handling chairs. Every task involving moving chairs will be easier.

Please secure the chairs to the chair base or pallets before operating it.

• 4 pneumatic wheels/10” closed cell foam tires, ball bearing hubs
• powder coated steel frame
• expanded metal backguard & 54” aluminum fenders to protect load from rubbing on tires
• 34” long forks, 7/8” diameter, 14 3/4” apart, designed for heavy duty hauling
• MAX LOAD: 750 lbs.
• weight: 97 lbs.

Shipped via truck only, some assembly required.

Chair truck, HEAVY DUTY, 4 wheels

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Chair hand truck, 2 wheels single axle

Our single axle chair handtruck is a good and cheaper alternative to a chair truck. Designed to lift heavy loads with minimum effort and transportation over rough pavement, down curbs, across lawns and up/down ramps. Folding forks allow shipment via UPS.

• 2 pneumatic wheels/10”
• Height: 65” • Length: 37” (with forks open)
• Width: 28” with pneumatic wheels
• Weight: 40 lbs.

Shipped via UPS or via truck, some assembly required.

Box dimensions:
19 3/8” x 11 3/4” x 64 1/2”

weight: 50 lbs.

Chair hand truck, 2 wheels single axle

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Item# Description Quote
1CHP-W1 Chip White • folding and stacking chair ask quote
1CHP-B1 Chip Black • folding and stacking chair ask quote
1CHP-RW Chip Redwood w. Black Seat • folding and stacking chair ask quote
1CHPFG-LB1 Chip Light Brown • Fiberglass added resin folding and stacking chair ask quote
1CHPFG-GR1 Chip Green • Fiberglass added resin folding and stacking chair ask quote


RSIPBIT Padded seats - black ask quote
RSIPWIT Padded seats - white ask quote
RsiW Extra resin seat insert white ask quote
RsiB Extra resin seat insert black ask quote
3BASEDR Chair pallet/Chip, Structure & Chiavari ask quote
RG2007RBASE RG chair tray (can be pallet & dolly) ask quote
RG2007RJack Jack Handle x Ispra Pallets ask quote
3ST25NYL-YV Stack Cover (25 regular Folding Chairs-HQ) ask quote
3ST25TNT-B Stack Cover Economy (25 regular Folding Chairs) ask quote
3TRCKDR Chair truck (4 wheels/yellow) ask quote
3HTRKDR Chair truck (2 wheels/red) ask quote




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Chip Folding Chairs Black & White
Chip Folding Chairs/Material
Chip Folding Chairs/MADE IN THE USA
Chip Folding Chairs Water Friendly!!!
Chip Folding Chairs Beach Bumming
Available in White. Black and Light Brown
Redwood Chip
Chip Folding Chairs/Seat Detail
Chip Folding Chairs/leg detail
Chip Folding Chairs/Handling Satcks
Chip Chairs/Handling Satcks Economy
Chip Folding Chairs/Handling Satcks