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setting standards, not just making chairs...

Drake Mailing Address: PO Box#754, East Brunswick, NJ 08816 USA - tel 732 254 1530 - email: info@drakecorp.com


The revolution in food service... one table at a time!


• connectivity when regular single-leg tables are joined together to accomodate large parties, the alignment is very often impossible, table tops have steps and/or slightly different inclinations resulting in visually unpleasant and quite unconfortable junctions. With our tongue and groove system, tables can be added in any direction and they remain seamlessly joined.

Your customers will love it... You will love it

• all weather UV resistant our table tops can be used INDOOR & OUTDOOR.

• super strong and highly resistant to scratches the fiber glass filled techno-polymer has a natural scratch resistance predisposition paired with strength, impact resistance and rigidity.

• folding table top & nesting leg our tables can be stored in very small spaces and tacked away with minimum effort.

• easy cleaning & maintenance


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