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Dolce Stil Novo MODULAR LINKING BANQUET TABLES SYSTEM: The quiet revolution in portable table solutions...


Drake did it again... In 2015, Drake started to develop "Dolce Stil Novo" the most revolutionary vision of an easy to handle, store and deploy portable banquet table system, aimed to replace folding tables of different lengths and adding bar tables and stools to the system. The world of banquet tables will never be the same... Dolce Stil Novo (Italian for sweet new style) is the name given to the most important literary movement of the 13th century in Italy. It marked a true revolution in dignifying the use of Tuscan vernacular in exquisite literary works making them accessible to the masses. Before the Dolce Stil Novo, all literature and higher education was in Latin. Latin, an exclusive privilege of the upper class, was no longer understood by ordinary people. With the same revolutionary spirit, we introduced the Dolce Stil Novo MODULAR & LINKING table system which will make the storage, transportation and set up of banquet tables super easy, accessible and manageable for all. You will simply LOVE our "sweet new style"!!! With such an advanced modularity, your inventory adapts and becomes what you need it to be whenever you need.


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