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Where is the chair rental market headed?


At Drake corp., the company that introduced the first high quality resin chairs into the rental market, we are proud to answer: "resin products, without any doubt". Despite initial hesitation, nowadays more and more rental operators are switching to high quality resin seating solutions for both folding and chiavari ballroom chairs. They are fully aware of the advantages of it. Almost anyone that has dealt with wood chairs knows the high costs of painting, and the higher cost of customer dissatisfaction, when "less than perfect" chairs are employed in an event. The look is important, and handling products that look great 100% of the time is priceless. Ease of handling is definitely met since all of the resin chairs are provided with interlocking features. The possibility to stack the chairs, without any fear of scratching them is a relief, and stacks of interlocked chairs can be moved and stored much easier. Among the benefits of chair stack handling are easier inventory counting, and clean, professional neat looking warehouses. Drake Corp. provides a line of accessories to handle and store chairs, like chair pallets and stack covers. At last, but not least: strength. Resin chairs have proved to be stronger and safer than wood ones. The materials they are made of, together with the different distribution and discharge of the weight load makes them tough . At Drake Corp. we constantly work with our customers to improve products and to be able to provide complete solutions from A to Z for their seating needs. We can proudly say that the expert and constant feedback of our customers drives us to excellence. We make chairs for you to enjoy using and working with, hassle free.


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