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Drake was with no doubt the First to make the white resin folding chair in 1999. After 10 years and more than a million chairs made, we will be introducing to the market an idea which will reflect our real commitment to the environment. Since the beginning, we have been advertising that our chairs are recyclable. In speaking with our customer we have realized that they almost last forever. However some (very few) are so old and abused that they need to be retired. With this in mind in the beginning of 2009 we will start our new “chair to chair” program. We will retrofit them into brand new chairs (the colors available will be only beige, gray, aquamarine and mauve) bringing them back into the circle of life. Of course this program accepts only Drake chairs or chairs made under Drake’s license. We need to be sure of the material used as they will be reborn with our label and guarantee. In a struggling economy and in hard and uncertain economic times, DRAKE is proud to say that our products are Made in the USA and we continue to contribute to and support the U.S. economy with cost-effectiveness and by creating jobs.


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