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Drake Mailing Address: PO Box#754, East Brunswick, NJ 08816 USA - tel 732 254 1530 - email: info@drakecorp.com


THREE LEGS are better than four: TRE3 chair and nesting table, a designer dream for the contract industry.


TRE 3 Drake Corp. has stepped forth with a new revolution for the furniture industry.  With the advent of the Tre 3 chair Drake has shown a willingness to work with artists, architects and designers in a medium of furniture making that until now has been virtually unexplored.  By making contemporary chairs out of an advanced composite multilayer technoplymer Drake can turn even the wildest artist’s dream into reality.  By eliminating the constrains of working in wood, Drake limits its ability to produce chairs to that of the imagination.  Even the most dramatic and radical chairs can now be produced quickly and efficiently with even more durability and strength than conventional materials.  Drake can turn an artists dream into an actual product in production in months. Designed by up and coming architects and designers L. Nichetto & C. Tinti, the Tre 3 seamlessly integrates classic geometrical styling with new age elegance to create a look that seems to defy gravity. The Tre 3  line sets a new standard for furniture as functional art and its design has no compromise between style and function, beauty and strength. The Tre 3 chairs and tables are stackable and there is no folding, disassembling or tricks of any kind to prepare them for storage simply stack and forget, designed with a special soft mount stack system that actually protects the chairs as they nest into one another. The minimalist tri support system gives the chair its floating look and strength, while it may look like a delicate piece of art it has been designed and rigorously tested to take the abuses involved with heavy commercial use.  Resistant to scratches and chips and impervious to stains and tares these chairs have all the durability of a metal chair with more style than most upholstered chairs.


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