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TRE3 collection
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TRE3 collection



Designed by up and coming architects and designers L. Nichetto & C. Tinti, the Tre 3 seamlessly integrates classic geometrical styling with new age elegance to create a look that seems to defy gravity.
The Tre 3  line sets a new standard for furniture as functional art and its design has no compromise between style and function, beauty and strength.

The Tre 3 chairs and tables are stackable and there is no folding, disassembling or tricks of any kind to prepare them for storage;simply stack and forget. Tre 3 chairs are designed with a special soft mount stack system that actually protects the chairs as they nest into one another.
The minimalist tri support system gives the chair its floating look and strength, while it may look like a delicate piece of art it has been designed and rigorously tested to take the abuses involved with heavy commercial use. 
Resistant to scratches and chips and impervious to stains and tears these chairs have all the durability of a metal chair with more style than most upholstered chairs.

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FILES available for download:
Name Description Format Size
Tre3 chairs Brochure / English pdf 135KB
Tre3 barstools & chairs Brochure / English pdf 305KB
Tre3 chairs Assembly Assembly instructions pdf 25KB
Tre3 barstools Assembly Assembly instructions pdf 25KB

COLORS: seat colors available

4 color seats available to chose from:

W [White]
G [Light Gray]
L [Lime]
Y [Pastel Yellow]

DIMENSIONS: Tre3 chair

Composite multi-layer techno-polymer seat
Chrome metal legs with rubber caps

Weight: 15 lb.

Seat dimensions:
17.5" x 15"width x 18.5"high

Some assembly Required.
Download instructions in PDF:
Tre3 Chair / Assembly Instructions

DIMENSIONS: Tre3 stool

Composite multi-layer techno-polymer seat
Chrome metal legs with rubber caps

Weight: 21 lb.

Seat dimensions:
17.5" x 15"width x 29.5"high

Some assembly Required.
Download instructions in PDF:
Tre3 Stool / Assembly Instructions


item# description
6T3C-W Tre3 Chair White
6T3C-G Tre3 Chair Light Gray
6T3C-L Tre3 Chair Lime
6T3C-Y Tre3 Chair Pastel Yellow
6T3C-R Tre3 Chair Red
6T3C-B Tre3 Chair Black
6T3S26-W Tre3 Stool 26" White
6T3S26-G Tre3 Stool 26" Light Gray
6T3S26-L Tre3 Stool 26" Lime
6T3S26-Y Tre3 Stool 26" Pastel Yellow
6T3S26-R Tre3 Stool 26" Red
6T3S26-B Tre3 Stool 26" Black
6T3S30-W Tre3 Stool 30" White
6T3S30-G Tre3 Stool 30" Light Gray
6T3S30-L Tre3 Stool 30" Lime
6T3S30-Y Tre3 Stool 30" Pastel Yellow
6T3S30-R Tre3 Stool 30" Red
6T3S30-B Tre3 Stool 30" Black

TRE3 chair
TRE3 barstool
TRE3 chairs
TRE3 chairs & table
TRE3 chairs & barstool easy stacking

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