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Plastic Folding Chair Handling
(Drake Chip, Structure and Fan chairs)

Our chairs have been designed to be easily folded, stacked and moved in stacks.

A chair pallet protecting the first chair of the stack is a must.
At Drake, we supply chair dollies that roll on casters and chair pallets that can be used with hand truck for deliveries, or with pallet-jacks for warehouse moving of multiple stacks at a time.

We suggest also to strap and cover the stacks, to protect chairs during transportation.

We supply 25 chair stack covers, in different materials (water resistant and not) which are strong, protective, and easy to use for every chair move (both to and from the customer or simply warehousing).

We do supply plastic bag rolls that cover the entire stack as well as boxes, as an economy packaging/warehousing system.

25 chairs per stack is a good number because it eases up counting.

NOTICE: DO NOT USE COTTON COVERS WITH RESIN CHAIRS, as the static electricity produced by the two materials combined, attracts dust and any kind of dirt.

folding chairs stack handling and storage suggestions
Image above showing stacks of 25 chairs with handling and storage suggestions.

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