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ISPRA resin folding & stacking chairs, by Centro Erre
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ISPRA resin folding & stacking chairs, by Centro Erre


Italian Design
Strong and Durable
Easy to clean,
  never needs painting
Easily stackable vertically
  as well as horizontally

Ispra is a STRONG 11 pound bi-component structural resin folding chair, which folds perfectly flat to 2 3/4.
Guaranteed resistant to all weather conditions and UV rays, it is easily cleaned using water and a neutral liquid detergent.
Ideal for any outdoor dining area.
Easy to handle, low maintenance, stacking and interlocking.
Available in White only.

Please note, hunter Green is not available anymore.

FILES available for download:
Name Description Format Size
Ispra folding chairs Brochure pdf 880KB


Structural bi-component resin is formed with two materials:
A- a modified aesthetic compact resin
B- a modified resin with expanded
   closed cells, with extreme absorbing
   properties against movement.
The compact material of the outer surface highlights the aesthetic appeal as resisting U.V. rays, extreme heat, cold, water, humidity and every day use.
The expanded closed cell material on the inside has the ability to withstand stress, tension and unavoidable movements during use.
The structural bi-component resin remains undistorted, insuring maximum resistance from both materials.

Bi-component resin is a recyclable material.

Ispra meets and exceeds the standards set forth in ISO 7173, ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-1993 and ANSI/BIFMA X5.4-1997. The product specifically will meet or exceed the 225 lbs. functional load as well as the 300 lbs. proof load requirements of the test.


Seat dim.: 15x16

Seat height: 17

Weight: 11 lbs.


Each chair has 4 locking buttons for easy stacking.


Samples are shipped 2 chairs per box.


We ship 25 Ispra chairs on a resin base which can be easily handled with a handtruck or a palletjack.

Stack Dim.: 18 x 35 x 71h

Four legs can be attached to the base for convenient palletizing.

Four casters may be used to convert the resin base into an easy move around Ispra dolly (casters NOT included)

Ispra linking armrest

One or more chairs can be aligned and linked with our linking armrest. Snap in - snap out no tools required.

RG chair tray, pallet & dolly for FOLDING chairs

Chair tray, basic configuration:
material: PP structural foam
capacity: 330 lb. distributed load
internal: 18” x 35”
external: 18.5” x 35.5”
straps: 1.25”
to be used with HAND TRUCKS


Chair pallet configuration:
tray + 4 pallet feet
long side clearance: 27.25” (pallet jacks)
short side clearance: 10.25”
to be used with PALLET JACKS

Chair cart configuration:
tray + 2 casters 2.5” swivel + 2 pallet feet + lift jack

Chair dolly configuration
tray + 4 casters 2.5” swivel

Ispra Pallet Jack Handle

Lift Jack, bended steel with foam grasping handle, pivotal pallet lift mounted on 2 twin 4” wheels.

To be used with the Ispra Pallet in a Chair cart configuration:
– tray
– 2 casters 2.5”
– 2 pallet feet

item# description
RG2007r Ispra White Chair
RG2107 Ispra Linking Armrest
RG2007rbase RG chair tray, pallet & dolly for FOLDING chairs

Ispra White / Wedding on the beach
Ispra White / Elegant table details
Ispra chair stacks handling
Ispra White / linking armrest

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ISPRA resin folding & stacking chairs, by Centro Erre
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