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NEW CHIAVARI: fiberglass resin stacking ballroom chairs
Drake Corp. 110 Tices Lane, Unit A7, East Brunswick, NJ 08816 USA, tel 732 254 1530, fax 732 254 3509

NEW CHIAVARI: fiberglass resin stacking ballroom chairs


NEW RESIN CHIAVARI stacking chair.

The aesthetic respects the old traditional look but...
deep inside Drake Chiavari stacking chairs have been re-engineered ground-up.

The NEW MIX of techno-polymers they are made of, makes them exceptionally strong, sturdy and a far better alternative to a plastic chair with a metallic insert, at a fraction of the weight.

(weatherproof, UV protected, don't need painting).
OPTIONAL CHAIR SHOES (for outdoor use on lawns and sand)

Available in White, Black, Light Brown, Gold, Silver.

***SHIPPED KD: Easy assembly, no glue required.

BUY A SAMPLE ON-LINE  or click on ask quote. No more than a sample per company, please. SAMPLES ARE SHIPPED ASSEMBLED UNLESS SPECIFIED OTHERWISE.

if you would like to know more about Chiavari chairs and go back in time, follow the link below:
History of the Chiavari Chairs

FILES available for download:
Name Description Format Size
Chiavari English Brochure pdf 470KB
Chiavari Francaise Brochure pdf 400KB
Chiavari Italiano Brochure pdf 400KB
Chiavari Cushions Brochure pdf 300KB
Chiavari Lawn Shoes Brochure pdf 560KB
Chair Pallets & Dollies Brochure pdf 530KB
Chair Trucks & Covers Brochure pdf 415KB
Chiavary assembly spare part list Assembly instructions pdf 725KB
Chiavary shoes assembly Assembly instructions pdf 235KB


The material used at Drake is a composite multi-layer techno-polymer which allows the manufacturing of a very strong and extra light weight Chiavari resin chair.

CHIAVARI chairs are manufactured with a TWO COMPONENT RESIN (CO-INJECTION) system - the highest standard in plastic manufacturing. The result is an outer, smooth all weather resistant aesthetic skin, and an inner expanded closed cell modified resin FIBERGLASS ADDED, with high mechanical resistance that behaves like a bone and gives exceptional strength to the chair.
Chairs have to withstand a 500 lbs. weight static vertical test, that we perform internally.


The forgiving nature of the back of our Chiavari chair gives it a comfort level unparalleled by wood.


Our Chiavari chairs stack and safely interlock. 40 chairs fit a regular pallet for storage thus reducing warehousing costs.

Chair seat dimensions:
16 x 16 x 18 seat h [inches]
41 x 41 x 45 seat h [cm]

net weight: 10 pounds / 4.5kg

Stack Dimensions:

7 chairs:    17x26x88h[inches]

8 chairs:    17x27x96h [inches]
            43x69x245 [cm]

10 chairs:    17x28x113h [inches]
            43x70x288 [cm]


The assembly is EASY, screws only, no glue required. Instructions are conveniently located on the carton of every box.

*** For orders of 100 chairs or more, you will receive a FREE cordless driver to ease up assembly.

Download instructions in PDF
Chiavari FG Models / Assembly Instructions


The best way is stack them, cover them, and tighten. A chair pallet is always handy (the protection of the first chair of the stack is less critical than in folding stacking chairs operations, but VERY useful).
With our chairs, we use plastic custom made pallets, or regular wood pallets with pallet shoes that secure the first chair of the stack to the pallet itself. A chair pallet eases up stack handling with both hand-trucks or pallet-jacks. Some of our customers use PE film or bags to wrap the chair for storage or transport.


The DRAKE "pallet shoes" for Chiavari chairs, can be screwed into a wood pallet and secure the first chair of the stack to the pallet. A 48"x20" wood pallets, fits 2 stacks of chairs back to back (5+5 chairs or 6+6 chairs). A similar pallet can be moved easily with a hand-truck as well as with a pallet-jack.
A regular 48"x42" pallet equipped with pallet shoes, fits 4 stacks of chairs back to back (5+5+5+5=20 chairs or 6+6+6+6=24 chairs). Chairs have to be strapped and secured for additional safety. Higher stacks, of 7, 8, 9 or 10 chairs can be used, depending on the goal: maximize warehouse space (static skids) or ease of handling.

DRAKE CHIAVARI Chairs stack so nicely that we have to remind you:
higher stacks are more unstable than short ones. For static stacks, the number of chairs in a stack is not an issue, but if you are moving your stacks, do not exceed in the number of chairs stacked: SAFETY COMES FIRST, ALWAYS!!!!
Do not attempt to make similar high stacks with woods.

NOTICE: DO NOT USE COTTON COVERS WITH RESIN CHAIRS, as the static electricity produced by the two materials combined, attracts dust and any kind of dirt.


Our Chiavari chairs are shipped KD (knocked down) 2 chairs per box. Assembly is EASY, screws only, no glue required. Instructions are conveniently located on the box.

Box Weight: [21 lb.] [9kg]

Box Dim.:
17x37x6 [inches]
93.5x42x15.5 [cm]


Buying our products means never having to paint a chair again. Because the colors of our products run all the way through them they will never need painting. The only ordinary maintenance required is a wipe down with a mild liquid detergent and water.

Besides regular cleaning, check the chair structural integrity and screws every time before use.

In the event of damage due to extremely rough handling, do not attempt to glue broken parts back together. Call us at 732 254 1530 for spare parts. We'll be there to assist you in the best way we can.

1 1/2" Rigid Chiavari Pad

Taylored resin rigid base, with soft vinyl leather-textured cover and a 1’’ urethane foam. The pad is positioned onto the chair with 4 velcro bullets to make it easy to remove, interchange or store separately.

It features:
• vinyl cover
• urethane foam
• PP rigid base
Outdoor/Indoor use.

Standard colors: white and black.
Indoor as well as outdoor use.

If it can be done ... we’ll do it ... your personal touch !! It’s possible that you might like to have a personal color or pattern and/or other fabric to match the “Company ID” or other pieces of furniture. When you are ready, just give us a call and we’ll give you the proper dimensions needed for the cuts. No extra charge ... just send us the pieces of fabric or vinyl in the quantity you need and we’ll do the rest. We supply the best looking chiavari pads and cushions money can buy. However if you can compromise on perfection, please ask about our entry level cushions.

2 Custom Fit Chiavari Cushion

Shaped like the Chiavari seat for the perfect look, luxurious double piping. Washable polyester cover with a zipper filled with 1" urethane foam & fiber batting.
Attaches to the chair back legs with velcro straps.

It features:
• washable polyester cover
• fiber batting
• urethane foam

Standard colors: white, ivory (natural) and black. Cushions usable on both sides.

Pad & Cushion Bag for Storage and Transportation

Makes transportation easy while protecting and organizing for storage.

Sewed-in rigid bottom, wide top opening for easy access and counting, reinforced handles.

Suggested capacity 15 to 20 pads or cushions depending upon size.

Standard color: gray

dimensions: 35’’ x 17’’ x 17’’ high

Chiavari shoes: no more sinking

Break the rules and move seating to locations that have always been traditionally difficult for chairs.
Our chair shoes increase support for the chair legs on difficult ground, greatly reducing the sinking of the legs.

Whether on the beach, on a green at your favorite golf club, or simply on a backyard lawn, our support system lets you bring our classy Chiavari chairs and your unforgettable events to a whole new level outdoors.

Our Chiavari shoes are easy to deploy. Snap them onto the chair legs, no tools required, snap them off when finished.
Our Chiavari shoes do not interfere with the chairs ability to stack. Chairs can be collected, stacked, stored, moved and re-deployed without removing the shoes.
Small holes in the supporting plate area, allow the lawn to breath, greatly minimizing any damage to it even with extended use of the chair on the grass.

One set includes 4 shoes for one chair.

Chiavari shoes: secure chairs to a pallet

Our Chiavari shoes can be used to secure our Chiavari chairs to a wood pallet, for easier and secure transportation.
When one set of Chiavari shoes is screwed into a wood pallet, it secures the first chair of the stack to the pallet, preventing the chairs from sliding, keeping them firmly in place on the pallet.

Use of additional strapping (not included) is suggested before moving a stack of chairs.

One set includes 4 shoes for one chair.

Chair pallets for CHIAVARI chairs

One Chiavari chair pallet fits 2 stacks of 5 chairs. Secure the chairs to the pallet with straps before moving.

material: thermoformed HDPE 0.220” thick sheet

capacity: 330 lb. distributed load
internal: 17.75” x 35.5”
external: 18.25” x 36”
straps: external

pallet feet: yes (built in)
long side clearance: 28” (pallet jacks)
short side clearance: chair trucks
casters: none

to be used with CHAIR TRUCKS or PALLET JACKS

Chair truck

Strong sturdy, a major help in handling chairs. Every task involving moving chairs will be easier.

Please secure the chairs to the chair base or pallets before operating it.

• 4 pneumatic wheels/10” closed cell foam tires, ball bearing hubs
• powder coated steel frame
• expanded metal backguard & 54” aluminum fenders to protect load from rubbing on tires
• 34” long forks, 7/8” diameter, 14 3/4” apart, designed for heavy duty hauling
• MAX LOAD: 750 lbs.
• weight: 97 lbs.

Shipped via truck only, some assembly required.

Chair hand truck (single axle)

Our single axle chair handtruck is a good and cheaper alternative to a chair truck. Designed to lift heavy loads with minimum effort and transportation over rough pavement, down curbs, across lawns and up/down ramps. Folding forks allow shipment via UPS.

• 2 pneumatic wheels/10”
• Height: 65” • Length: 37” (with forks open)
• Width: 28” with pneumatic wheels
• Weight: 40 lbs.

Shipped via UPS or via truck, some assembly required.

Box dimensions:
19 3/8” x 11 3/4” x 64 1/2”

weight: 50 lbs.

item# description
2CHVFG-W Chiavari White Fiberglass added resin stacking chair
2CHVFG-B Chiavari Black Fiberglass added resin stacking chair
2CHVFG-LB Chiavari Light Brown Fiberglass added resin stacking chair
2CHVFG-G Chiavari Gold Color Fiberglass added resin stacking chair
2CHVFG-S Chiavari Silver Color Fiberglass added resin stacking chair
RsiPCHW 1 1/2" Rigid Chiavari Pad White
RsiPCHB 1 1/2" Rigid Chiavari Pad Black
2CC-C-White 2 Custom Fit Chiavari Cushion White
2CC-C-Nature 2 Custom Fit Chiavari Cushion Natural
2CC-C-Black 2 Custom Fit Chiavari Cushion Black
2CHV-CC-Bag Pad & Cushion Bag for Storage and Transportation
2CHV4shoes Chiavari shoes (1 chair set)
3TRCKDR Chair Truck (2 axles)
3TRCKDR-R Chair Hand Truck (1 axle)
3BaseDR Chair Pallet For CHIAVARI Chairs

Strength and material detail
Lawn feet at the beach
White Chiavari on the beach
Chiavari Gold color, detail
Black Chiavari Chair
Silver Chiavari Chair
Light Brown Chiavari Chair, detail
White Chiavari chair stack, pallet and chair truck
Black Chiavari cushion, custom shape, detail
Black Chiavari rigid pad, custom shape, detail
Natural Chiavari cushion, detail of inner fillers

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